Monday, March 20, 2017

Closing my store at SNP

Things have definitely been crazy busy since I last posted.  I did release two new kits.  My oldest finished her first semester at college.  My seconds started her search for college.  And my other two just like to keep me on my toes! We celebrated Christmas, had a vacation, remodeled the basement....still working on it.  Completed the big bedroom swap of 2017, all the girls swapped rooms.  Paint, floors, furniture..... Then doctors... one kid fell down a flight of stairs, one had a very scary asthma attack and then pneumonia...
It's been rough.
So with all of that going on...
It is with a sad heart, I have decided to close my store at SNP. Things have gotten way to busy at home and with my little daycare.  I thought that as the kids got older I might have more time, but the opposite seems to be true. 

I just don't have the time to put my best effort into my kits. It was a hard decision to make, even after my break last year. I am ever so thankful to SNP owner Lori and everyone else at SNP for teaching me everything I know about designing (and scrapping) and giving me the opportunity to do this and grow my creativity.I hope to return someday.  I may even do a blog train now and then.  

Now my sad news can be good news for you.... my whole store is on sale!  So stop by and grab some goodies while you can.  My store will close on March 31, 2017.

:) Happy scrapping!

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