Thursday, January 28, 2016

Count On Me Templates

Hey there everyone out there in digi-land!  
It's been a bit crazy here! We have been working on my new craft space aka new Laundry Room and lots of family stuff going on.  Kids have been keeping me super busy running around each night like a chicken with out a head!
Anyway, I meant to release this pack of templates back in December, but life had other plans!
So, better late than never.... right?!?!

Here is pack 3 in my Count On Me set. It includes numbers 13-18. Perfect for scrapping birthdays, grades, months and so much more.

And if ya want them all, just grab the bundle!

Check out all these great pages made with these awesome templates (and some of my fabulous CT gals got really creative and took pieces and combined them)

See, aren't they adorable!!!!

Grab them while they are on sale at my store at SNP!

Have a happy scrappy day!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Soap...LOL...Totally not Scrap related

Hi there everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Holiday season! We went away to Nashville again! Gosh I just love vacations!!
Anyway I figured I'd pop in to share this great little idea my awesome hubby came up with for me and my little ones.  

First let me say I can't stand germs... who can?  I am talking kid sneezed to your face or hand full of meat germs. I don't mind little germy messes, that's prob why I usually don't get the colds and yucky stuff too often... that and I wash my hands all the time, I mean most of winter my hands are raw from washing so much!  

I was so happy when my hubby bought me these handy little soaps at BJ's one day! They are great in the kitchen and bathroom, especially with potty training a bunch of toddlers (and our already large family)!!  We call it the "Magic Soap"! They love it too!!

The only problem is the refills are pricey....
So my hubby decided he could drill a hole in the top of a few of the soap containers and put one of these caps in and just refill them with the regular hand soap we buy in bulk.

They came 3 in a pack. I think we got them at Lowe's. 
He drilled the holes, and we filled them.

They work perfect!!!!

I love it!  And my hubby too!!!!

Have a Happy Scrappy day!!!