Friday, March 29, 2013

Retiring... a kit! Not me!! And a freebie!

The time has come for me to retire one of my kits. (more to come soon I'm sure!) The kit going into retirement is my Most Magical Place kit.  It is a Disney-ish themed kit perfect for days spent in Magic Kingdom or at any Disney Park or Party!  It is a big kit full of lots of papers, ellies, tags and an alpha.

The tags and alpha are in the Mega kit and available separately.


And I also have a freebie for ya on my facebook page...
5 quick pages for personal use only.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Everyday Memories

My newest kit is in the store.  I am totally in love with it!  It's called Everyday Memories and is great for all kinds of scrapping, especially those 365, 52 and project life pages!  The colors are rich and bright!  There are lots of ellies and papers!  There are also two set of tags... dates tags (days and months), word tags... (60 word tags!!!) and an alpha!!

This whole kit is only $6.49 regular price but is on sale 30% right now!  This is a kit you can use over and over for all kinds of pages!
It works perfect with my Project: Our Everyday Life templates! 

And they are on sale now!!
It's not too late to start an album for this year!!  :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Taming the Mess

Sometimes (most of the time) clutter just get the best of me.  Take for example my kitchen counter.  It's usually a mess, but lately it's been horrid.  I've been known to just dump it all in a laundry basket and hide it before company comes over or before a party.  But I now have people in my house everyday and some weeks I just can't control it.  Right now it has a crock pot, paper, toys, books, toy buckets, ribbon, paper, an iron, batteries, school work, paper, inhalers, tools, junk, paper, baby moniter, returns, winter decorations, and who knows what else.  It's not all mine junk I know.  (I'm not usually the one playing DS games and leaving them there.  And the tools are the hubbys.  Batteries are from a kid that wanted new batteries in his Hess trucks, but never put away the extras.) 
I know as soon as I clean it off it will be messy again. 
I have other areas that are cluttery and junked up.  But none are as bad as my kitchen counter.  So today, I will yet again try to tame the kitchen counter.

Now I have been busy making a new kit!  I was up till midnight last night on a roll with the ideas! 

Thursday, March 7, 2013


I don't usually post twice in one day, but I had to let ya all know about my new templates! 
It is my very first time making templates to sell. I have decided to try a project life album so I made templates to make it easier for me! (and you too!!!!)
 I just put them in the store and they are on sale too!

regular price $3.49 on sale 25% off

regulare price $3.49 on sale 25% off
And if you like both of them, I bundled them! 
regulare price $4.99 on sale 20% off
images are linked to take you to the store.
I haven't done alot of pages yet, but here are 2!
and they are both made with my newest kit Winter in the Woods!

and it is also on sale right now!
Ok, now I need to go scrap!  :)


I am quite disappointed today. 
     We were supposed to have a snow-storm...blizzard.... lots of white stuff.  And we got nothing. Not even one flake.  Last night my kiddos all had jammies on inside out, put ice cubes in the toilet, pennies on the window sills, and spoons under their pillows.  I think they may have been more upset than me. 
     But we have been super busy.  #1 is going to a friends sweet 16 party this weekend and a concert on Monday, #2 is busier than me with tumbling, band, confirmation class and ortho appointments.  #3 is driving me crazy with not listening and being mean to everyone (oh I hope this ends soon!) She has forgotten more homework than the rest of us put together for our whole lives....  And my #4 is all boy and yup, is struggling with his impulse control. 
     Just wait till ya hear this.....  On Friday (it was beautiful here) I decide to walk to the bus stop with them.  I say, "Stay off the grass it's too muddy to run and play on it today."  I go to say hi to another mom, 30 seconds (prob not even that long) #3 comes up to me and says, "Please don't kill #4."  I look at him, and he is covered, I mean totally and completely covered in mud from his ankles to his shoulders.  He ran and slide in the mud.  It soaked through everything.  We had to run home.  I told him to take his shoes off outside and run to the laundryroom and strip, and put it all straight in the washer, then he has to run upstairs(yup naked cause even the undies had mud!) to get dressed.  He missed the bus, so I had to take him to school.  He knew I was sooooo angry with him, he cried the whole way there saying how sorry he was for not listening.   Oh what a day!
     I can only laugh now.
     I have been busy editing pics and working on kits and some templates!  Woo-Hoo for that!  (and also been busy with the yucky stuff like cleaning and organizing some of our mess and clutter.)

Here are some of the pics I have been working on.  I am finally going to get some printed and hung!!