Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Taming the Mess

Sometimes (most of the time) clutter just get the best of me.  Take for example my kitchen counter.  It's usually a mess, but lately it's been horrid.  I've been known to just dump it all in a laundry basket and hide it before company comes over or before a party.  But I now have people in my house everyday and some weeks I just can't control it.  Right now it has a crock pot, paper, toys, books, toy buckets, ribbon, paper, an iron, batteries, school work, paper, inhalers, tools, junk, paper, baby moniter, returns, winter decorations, and who knows what else.  It's not all mine junk I know.  (I'm not usually the one playing DS games and leaving them there.  And the tools are the hubbys.  Batteries are from a kid that wanted new batteries in his Hess trucks, but never put away the extras.) 
I know as soon as I clean it off it will be messy again. 
I have other areas that are cluttery and junked up.  But none are as bad as my kitchen counter.  So today, I will yet again try to tame the kitchen counter.

Now I have been busy making a new kit!  I was up till midnight last night on a roll with the ideas! 

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