Saturday, September 3, 2011

Look What Arrived!!

Woo Hoo !!!!!  My Disney book from Shutterfly arrived today!!  It is from our November 2006 trip to Disney World.  I finished digi-scrapping it last winter sometime and was just waiting for a great coupon so I could order it.  I know, it's from 5 years ago..... but since digi is so much faster than paper scrapping... I thought I might sorta catch up on some old pics. 

This is my second Disney book that is totally done digi.  I loved looking through it and remembering all the fun times and looking at how small the kids were!!!  Gosh they grow so fast!!


  1. Stacy, that is adorable!! Did you make that template, or is it a template you found somewhere? I'm definitely going to have to scraplift that one!

  2. Thank you... I can not take all the credit.... I made it, but got the idea from someone on the Shutterfly Gallery.