Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Gumballs, Gumballs Gumballs and more!

Hi everyone!
Just wanted to pop in and show ya all some new teaching items in my TpT store. 
All kids love to count Gumballs so I made these great pages and games to do with my pre-kinders. They LOVE them!
 They are perfect for beginning math learners. 
This packet includes 3 file folder games, worksheets and mats for all types of learning possibilities. Cut the pieces, glue one set inside the folder, laminate and play! (I also use velcro to keep the pieces from getting lost.)
-2 sets of colorful 1-20 mats for hands on learning. Use pom-poms or playdough on them. The filled gumball machines also make great posters to hang on your classroom wall.
-1-20 handwriting worksheets
-several different counting math worksheets
-numbers 1-20 search worksheets

See, jampacked with lots of activities for different levels of learners.  You can get it HERE

Also in my store is an Alphabet BINGO game.  My littles love BINGO.  

This ABC Bingo game has several levels for play! 

This pack includes 20 cards in a 4x4 grid and 20 more in a 5x5 grid.
Also included are 3 sets of "teacher" cards. 

Just print and cut the cards, print the playing boards and laminate if wanted. 

You can get it HERE.

And back to scrapping.... I have a new kit coming soon! 

Have a Happy Scrappy Day everyone!!!

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