Friday, October 16, 2015

Rhymes and Bingo.....

Fall is sooo much fun and so busy here! 
 My little crew of preschoolers LOVE to play BINGO, so I have made a couple of cute games!  My Halloween Bingo is in my TpT store.  Just print on cardstock, laminate and cut out the teacher cards.... then you are ready to play!  This game has two levels.  There are 10 unique cards with a 5x5 grid and 10 more unique cards with a 4x4 grid. 

We have played this game over and over!!!! 
You can get it HERE.

I also created two packs of rhyming cards!  
These can be printed as a full page, 2 on a page or 4 on a page.  We have been using them to introduce a new rhyme each week!

Rhymes Included in this pack:
bug rug mug
cat hat mat
mop stop pop
boat coat goat
bone cone phone
bed head red sled
cap map tap
net pet wet
hen men ten pen
rock sock
cake rake
dish fish
dog frog log
car star

This pack includes:
bear chair hair
kitten mitten
house mouse
bin fin win
kit mit pit sit
cut hut nut
lip rip
bee tree three key
five hive 
duck truck
pail snail tail whale
bunny honey sunny
block clock dock
box fox socks

Check these and more at my TpT store.  

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