Saturday, November 26, 2011

Busy time of year....

Oh boy has it been so busy here!  Last week, my new washer, dryer and dish washer were delivered.  Ok, so I got tired of food stuck on my dishes and clothes that were dripping wet.  And I have never said this before, but I totally LOVE LOVE LOVE my new washer and dryer!!  (The dishwasher is ok) The washer is amazing, I was actually loking for dirty laundry when I was done all the clothes! 
then we hosted Thanksgiving for 13 people.  It did turn out yummy!
The yummy turkey ......
One of the two tables....
A cute Turkey craft we did in my class with my preK kiddies, and my own kiddies had fun helping my little ones, so they wanted to make them too!!  :)
 Then Black Friday.... time to shop for 4 kiddies and not spend tooooooo!

And today w walked in a Christmas parade!  My legs were killing me but not nearly as bad as my hands from waving for 2 hours!!  LOL  The kids weren't crazy about participating, but had so much fun!!  They can't wait for next year!

And of course there trying to find time to design and scrap..... and to decorate the house! 
And our Elf on the Shelf, Mistletoe, returned yesterday......
So now another busy week starts....  :)

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